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From The Mayflower Descendant Vol. 35 No. 2 July 1985



By George Freeman Sanborn, Jr.


"Thomas1 Caswell first appears in New England in Taunton in the Colony of New Plymouth where the name of ‘Thom Cassell’ is found on a list of those males aged 16 to 60 able to bear arms in August 1643, just four years after the incorporation of the town (Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, ed., Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England. Miscellaneous Records, 1633-1689. [Boston, 1857], VIII:195 , hereafter Shurtleff). He apparently came to the New World as an unmarried man and married, probably in Taunton, ca. 1648, Mary ______."






  1. COL. THOMAS CASWELL b. England c. 1618, died Taunton, MA 1697, married Mary ( ? ). And had issue: 12 children including Thomas #2.
  2. (George Freeman Sanborn, "Thomas Caswell of Taunton And His Descendants" The Mayflower Descendant: A Magazine of Pilgrim Genealogy and History published by the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, Boston. Beginning vol. 35, no. 2, July 1985. Hereafter called Caswell Genealogy.)

  3. THOMAS CASWELL born Taunton, MA 22 February 1650/1. died Middleborough, MA. Between 1725-1726. He married at Taunton, c. 1674, Mary Jones born probably Taunton, c. 1655-6, living 1728, daughter of Thomas and Lydia (Sanderson) Jones, and had issue: 15 children including Job #3.
  4. (Caswell Genealogy pp. 16-20.)

  5. JOB CASWELL born probably Taunton in the 1690s, died Newport RI 5 November 1774. He married probably At Newport, c. 1722, Lydia Peckham, born Newport 19 March 1705, died Newport between 14 and 21 December 1760, daughter of Philip and Jane (Blackwell) Peckham of Newport and a descendant of Pilgrim Richard Warren. Issue: 14 children including John #4.
  6. (Caswell Genealogy pp. 125-128.)

  7. JOHN CASWELL born Newport 7 March 1741/2, died North Kingstown, RI 1779. He married at Newport, 31 December 1761, Hannah West born c. 1740, died Newport 3 August 1775, daughter of William and Mary (Southwick) West of Newport and South Kingstown, RI, married (2) Hannah Tefft, born 18 June 1741, South Kingstown, RI, died 14 April 1807, South Kingstown, RI, daughter of Tennant Tefft and Tabitha ______. Issue by Hannah West: 5 children including Philip #5.
  8. (Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island (Chicago, 1908) vol. 1. 209; James N. Arnold, The Vital Record of Rhode Island (Providence 1891-1912) 4:16, 8:431; Alden Beaman, The New Vital Record of Rhode Island (Princeton, MA 1975- ) 11:82.)

  9. PHILIP CASWELL married Newport, RI 4 July 1786, Mary Chapin and had issue: at least three children including Philip #6.
  10. (Arnold’s Vital Records 7:337; Lineage Papers of Mary (Slocum) Caswell on file at Newport Historical Society)

  11. PHILIP CASWELL (CAPTAIN) born South Kingstown, RI 10 January 1803; died Jamestown, RI 26 November 1893 at the age of 91. He married probably at South Kingstown, 23 February 1826, daughter of Oliver and Liziah (Pierce) Rose of North Kingstown, RI., and had issue: six children including Philip #7.
  12. (Representative Men vol. 1 p. 209; Beaman Vital Records 8:140; Jamestown Town Hall, Deaths 1:12; Newport City Hall, Deaths 5:201; Obit. Newport Daily News 11/27/93; Obit. Newport Mercury 2/18/98; Caswell file at NHS)

  13. PHILIP CASWELL JR. born Jamestown, RI 20 March 1827; died Jacksonville, FL, 22 February 1881. He married 9 January 1878, Sarah Stanton Allen, died Philadelphia, PA 18 June 1888, daughter of William Allen, and had issue: Philip #8.
  14. (Beaman Vital Records 12:141; Middletown, RI Deaths 1:15; Newport Deaths 5:62)

  15. PHILIP CASWELL born Newport, RI 3 February 1879; died Middletown, RI 23 August 1947 at the age of 68. He married 12 September 1902, Mary Florence Slocum, born Red Bank, NJ 27 June 1878; died Miami, FL 2 February 1953 at the age of 74, daughter of William Shurtleff and Sarah (Bradley) Slocum. Issue: 2 children including Philip #9.
  16. (NHS Obits.; Caswell file)

  17. PHILIP CASWELL JR. born Newport, RI 4 June 1903; died Westfield, MA 25 April 1956 at the age of 52. He married 10 October 1931 Evelyn Beveridge born Rome, NY 3 January 1907; died Juno Beach, FL 20 November 1993 at the age of 86, daughter of Frank Stanley and Theresa (Burdick) Beveridge. Issue: 3 children including Philip #10.
  18. (NHS Obits.; Caswell file)

  19. PHILIP CASWELL 3RD. born Hartford, CT 12 September 1937. He married 25 June 1960,       Constance Svea Kenney, born New Haven, CT 5 March 1938, daughter of Walter Iver and Sigrid Svea Elvira (Fagrell) Kenney. Issue: Ward Slocum Caswell
  20. WARD SLOCUM CASWELL born Springfield, MA 15 May 1966. He married 16 April 1994, Stacy Lynn Prince, born Lancaster, CA, 30 August 1964, daughter of Samuel Martin Onzelo and Joan Marie (Vensel) Prince. Issue: 3 children
  1. Ashley Evelyn Caswell born Brandon, FL, 13 July 1995
  2. Matthew Philip Caswell born Brandon, FL, 17 June 1997
  3. Alexander Joseph Caswell born Brandon, FL, 17 June 1997

Compiled, with thanks, by Bertram Lippincott, III, Genealogist, Newport Historical Society, Newport, RI


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