What Really Happened Here?

This newsletter is more than it appears. It is a mix of the following skills:

Research - Writing about Commercial Real Estate in an informative and compelling manner.


Marketing - Getting the message in front of the right people, You!


IT - The distribution email was generated from a program I wrote that embeds unique links into each email while still sending it through Microsoft Outlook so I can find it in my Sent Items.The embedded links help me track when you viewed the email. When you continued to the web to view the article, it tracked that too, linking it to the originating email. These databases, programs, emails, and web pages are all integrated around campaigns. I wrote each component using simple tools to avoid constraints of third party tools as well as wasted time dealing with version upgrades.


Project Management - Getting it all done in a reasonable amount of time meant making choices around content, quality, timeliness, tool sets, speed, and more. Incorporating the efforts of proofreaders, editors, permissions from sources, and other demands on time requires strong project management experience.


Strategy - You are looking at it. I am an experienced professional with experience in multiple disciplines. The best way to explain what I can do is to show you. In searching for work, I apply strategies to networking and self promotion. The point is not the content, but the approach. Wouldn't you want someone who puts this much thought and care into everything they do, working for you?


So how can I help you? I am available to work full time or as a consultant. Let me help you take your business to the next level.


Ward S. Caswell




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